My top wet weather activities with the kids

My top wet weather activities with the kids

It’s typically English to moan about the weather but seriously the summer holidays are in full swing and we need some sunny days to enjoy the outdoors. This is currently the view from my window. So what do we do as a family when it’s raining…

If it’s wet already, might as well go for a swim. It chucked it down today, so once my youngest was up from his nap we went as a family. I was feeling really lazy and didn’t feel like going but swimming is one of those things that once you get there, you are glad you went. We all had fun and both of the boys practised their swimming. I got out of the pool, took my little one’s swimmers off and wrapped him in his Paw Patrol towel and was just chatting to my husband, then…. I felt a warm, wet feeling…. he had done a wee on me. Oh how life has changed. It used to be few lengths and a dip in the jacuzzi. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you will know my youngest was born early so his speech is delayed. He’s been trying to say Mum so I’ve been encouraging him as much as possible (as you do). We went to get changed and in the mirror I pointed to him and said ‘Lewis’ and then I pointed to myself and said ‘Mum’ and the cutie little man said mum about 10 times. Over and over his little mouth sounded it out. He made me so, so happy. My clever little man.

The zoo
We’ve already been twice so far this holiday. It has a wet weather plan with various places that are inside including their soft play. Then when the sun comes out there’s so much to do. You only need to use the annual pass three times and you have paid for it!

My eldest watching the rain outside

Get them sporty
This is a new one for us but we’ve discovered that clubs such as The Essex in Earls Colne hold days for children to spend time playing golf, swimming and tennis during the holidays. You don’t have to be a member to attend. My son is so excited about going with some of his school friends this week.

The cinema
The cinema can be costly but if you search for ‘movies for juniors’ at the Odeon they have tickets for older films for around £2-3. I always keep popcorn in the cupboard too for a snuggle up on the sofa to watch a film instead. Mostly because there is too much for two little boys rights, so there is some spare for mummy. Cars 3 … tick. Captain Underpants is on the list. Errrm anyone free to take him?

This is so much fun. The boys went this week with school friends. Us mums had coffee whilst the boys bowled. Yes there was a mummy lane and yes we needed the kids barriers!

It’s still raining but that’s not stopping him smiling

Visiting friends afar
The holidays is the perfect time to catch up with friends that live further away or even friends that you haven’t met up with for ages. Life is so busy when you have children you loose track of time and weeks go by so quickly. We’ve met up with friends in Norfolk already but I’m making a mental note to get arranging more now.

Get the homework out of the way
Not exactly a fun thing to do but necessary and brilliant to do whilst it’s raining. Our local library has a reading challenge for the summer encouraging them to read six books and receive a medal at the end of the holidays.

Our eldest went to the Natural History Museum with his dad this week to have some Hayden and Daddy time. I can’t help it but as I no longer go into London to work, I got that feeling of worry in my belly as they set off for a day of adventure. Of course they had a great time and I heard all about it when they arrived home.

I hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you are. I definitely want to have at least one trip to the seaside this summer but the question is will my sons be wearing summer shorts or welly boots?

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