A new year. New memories to be made.

A new year. New memories to be made.

Who knows what the year will bring but I’m even more determined that good things will come to our family this year! We lost someone that we loved so much last year so it has to be our turn for a good year, right?

As we are fully in the swing of the new year, I thought I should make a start on one of my New Year’s Resolutions … writing a blog. So I’m being brave and starting with sharing a bit about my family, why I started my keepsake business and why it’s so important to me that my businesses is a success.

Our little family

Baby keepsakes Essex
My boys

Our youngest son was born 10 weeks early due to me having placenta previa. I was in and out of hospital for quite a few months but one evening the Drs decided that my body couldn’t take anymore and that I would have a c-section the next morning. My hubby was on a course and rushed home from work. When a healthy looking 4lb 7oz baby boy was born my husband looked at me and said ‘he’s not small, don’t worry’.

He had a number of health issues that were all ‘fixed’ but before he had his first birthday we discovered that there was one that was not ‘fixable’. The Dr said that he was a bit stiff and that his reflexes weren’t quite right so he would refer him to physio. OK I thought, that’s not a problem. Over the months we slowly realised that his stiffness was due to high muscle tone and that the diagnosis for his was under the Cerebral Palsy umbrella. This in a nutshell means that at or just after birth his brain has been damaged in some way (most likely because he was born too early, or it could have been when he had a necessary operation on his stomach when he was only a week old).


What does this all mean for our family?

Baby keepsakes Essex
Brothers forever

I wasn’t totally shocked by this as I had took on the role of ‘Dr Mummy’ and had been frantically looking up information on the internet and questioning the Dr and the physio constantly. However, it was a slap in the face for our little boy, for us and his big brother. You can imagine the questions that we asked. The main reoccurring one … why him? What would this mean for all of us, would he be able to walk, would there be any other problems for him to have to face. Would he get picked on at school, would it limit his options in a career and his dreams, would he have a wife and family of his own, etc, etc…

We still don’t know the answers to some of these question but it’s looking likely that he will walk, we just don’t know how well yet. I can pretty much say that he will have friends and a family of his own one day. He has the best personality… he laughs so much, he cuddles so much and I’ve never seen such a determined little thing crawling around the house and trying to walk. He has brought such joy to my life!

Time for a change

So some months after he was born I knew that I couldn’t go back to my job in the City (without reducing my hours down). My firm wasn’t happy with that so I had no choice but to leave. My family come first. My aim was to do something where I could work around the needs of my family. Our eldest son was about to start school and the baby had so many physio and hospital appointments. After lots of research, I found The Keepsake Association who support women like me to start their own keepsake businesses and around May of last year I started mine – Cherished Little Monkeys.

It started off as a job, a business that could allow me the time I need to spend with my family. It doesn’t feel like a job any more. I have the pleasure of meeting so many families each week, gorgeous little babies and children and I’m given the privilege of helping them make memories by casting their hands and feet or making jewellery of fingerprints or handprints.  I’ve made some lovely friends and I’ve made some keepsakes that I’m truly proud of.

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