At what age can prints/moulds be taken?
  • Fingerprint jewellery
    Generally speaking, children under 18 months old do not have defined fingerprints but you may still have some fine fingerprints and the impression where the tiny finger has been in the mould (alternatively at this age hand/footprint jewellery is a good alternative).
    Adult and older child prints are bigger than baby/toddler prints and may be best used in larger-sized charm pieces. As all pieces are bespoke, we are happy to work with you to decide the most appropriate shape and size of piece to present the fingerprint at its best.
  • Foot/handprint jewellery and raised impressions

    Foot and handprints can be taken at any age – although some babies may not open their hands until they are a little older. Often with young babies it is best to opt for a footprint.

Do I have to visit you in person?

Fingerprint/foot and handprint/artwork jewellery can all be created by post. For the raised impressions, we need to see you/your child in person to take the clay moulds needed so you will need to be within travelling distance of Coggeshall.

How long will my order take to make?

Please allow four weeks for your order to be made.

Are you part of a franchise? 
No but we are very proud to be part of The Keepsake Company Association where we work with a group of talented mums all dedicated to the areas that they live in. This provides access to updated training and enables us to share ideas and techniques with other keepsake artists.

How do I take care of my silver jewellery? 

We recommend that you take off your jewellery when bathing and showering and also avoid products like perfume and body lotion coming into contact with it. We also suggest you polish your silver occasionally to maintain its shine but be careful not to polish over the detail as this may fade over time.