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New babies, new families and new friends.

New babies, new families and new friends.

It’s such a small world. I hadn’t lived in the area long and I was introduced to Hannah. I met her through another mum that was at the beginning of a new friendship. It turns out that Hannah and I went to the same school in a completely different part of Essex to where we are now! She introduced me to her handsome little man Oliver who was eight weeks when we first met. Hannah’s older son had already had his hand and foot cast and she wanted to do the same for her youngest. I had just completed a 3D casting course and was looking for a baby model and Hannah said she would help me practise (or rather Olly would). I was delighted with the sample casts that I had made of Olly and Hannah also got a set to take home and treasure.

Baby castings

Baby castings Chelmsford
Olly’s framed casting

If you didn’t get your babies cast when they were newborn it isn’t too late. I’ve been casting older babies and children and they look just as cute but in different ways.

I especially love the 3D castings with a space in the frame for a photo of the baby. It just makes it so special and I was absolutely thrilled when Kerry, from Little Pics Photography in Chelmsford, agreed to work with me to put together a newborn package. Kerry specialises in family photography and being a mum herself wants to make sure that family photography is professional but affordable. I asked her when is the best time to get newborn photos taken and she said if you can visit her within the first 12 days you can get some beautiful and natural photos whilst your newborn is sleeping. Kerry was worried that she’d missed the boat to get her three year old son’s hand and foot cast but we cast them today and they have come out beautifully. Look out for the finished casts on my Facebook page in the next few weeks. 

That’s the great things about 3D castings because they show the smallest detail, every crease and line of cute little hands and feet. They allow you to see the actual size that your little one once was. Having two boys myself, I know just how quickly they grow and it’s easy to forget just how tiny their little hands and toes were. How their hand could just about fit around your little finger. And how their smooth feet once fit in the palm of your hand.


Toddler castings

Baby castings Chelmsford
Alban proudly showing his casting

Before Christmas, I met Natalia who asked me to cast her little boy Alban’s hand and foot. I knew that this was going to be trickier as this little boy could move around more and say if he didn’t want to be cast. His mum was amazing at entertaining him, taking his mind off of what we were doing and we got some beautiful castings. Here he is proudly showing off his finished casts.

Over the past few months, I’ve met some amazingly talented people who work with children and have met some gorgeous families and made some great new friendships along the way. I feel privileged to have been part of capturing the memories of their children’s tiny hands, feet and fingerprints.

Special thanks to Kerry for taking Olly’s photo and also to Hannah and Natalia for letting me use photos of Olly and Alban in this blog.

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